There is no headline for this.

I was all set to blog about Sarah Palin on Friday. And then I got a text — “there’s been an accident please call me” — and had a phone conversation that no one should have to have, ever.

I’m at the airport right now, 1,300 miles has never felt so far. I’ve never felt like more of a traitor. I’ve never been more terrified.

Someone I love is gone forever, someone I love is in the hospital. It’s going to break my heart when I see her.

Sarah Palin will have to wait.

Please hold my family in your thoughts or prayers or whatever you do. Wear your seatbelts. Don’t hit people with your car and drive away. And hope that I can swallow this anger and this bitterness and be good enough to help my family through this fucking bullshit.



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2 responses to “There is no headline for this.

  1. Brian

    I am so sorry to hear this.

    Words always seem weak in these situations, so I will say that my thoughts are with you and offer one piece of advice: When you start to ruminate on the love and future moments that are now lost, stop and think about the love and past moments you shared with those departed.

  2. Lilia

    I love you Megan. If I could, I would carry your pain for you.

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