Blowing kisses through a tube

My mom

My mom

As you’ve gathered by now, my mom was in a car accident.

Tomorrow it’s been one week. Tomorrow is the funeral for her partner who was killed in the crash. Tomorrow her breathing tube might come out.

Yesterday she smiled at me. Today she blew me a kiss. It just breaks my heart to watch her try and make it ok for me from behind the mess of tubes that are currently keeping her alive.

Last Friday at 6:30 p.m. my life was normal. A few minutes later my sister called me, but I ignored it so life was still normal. Until 6:38 when I got the text: “Meg, mom’s been in an accident. please call me.”

Three days ago I went and looked at the wreckage. I have no idea why my mom is still here. I can note figure out how she survived. The car was a Ford Explorer. It is squashed down to the size of my Honda Civic.

By the way: do you drive one of these death traps? Sell it. This crash happens all the time. Somehow Ford is allowed to keep making these cars. I suppose it’s easier to write checks to grieving family members than to put in the financial effort to build safer cars. By the way, last year Ford grossed over $200 billion dollars.

I’m not sure how many people have to die before they get the point. At least two hundred people have died, and 700 have been injured as a result of their faulty manufacturing. It makes me sick.

I just had to take pictures of my mom’s injuries. Which also made me sick.


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  1. grams

    And today we go to Sal’s services, Leesa’s much loved partner with whom she shared 6 and a half unbelievably happy years. Our family will be there, not only because we love him dearly, but we do it for her. How my sweet girl will get thru this heartache is beyond my mind of trying to answer all the whys out there. We read in some book where he will not give us a load too heavy to carry???? Hey! the load is breaking her heart and mind into pieces…….hang on to yours if you can.

    Megs, Emmy, Josh…..let me rub your back, brush your hair, give you hugs, dry your tears, give you food and drink and most of all my steadfast love.

    Rest easy Leesa, and come back to us…..there is a reason why you are still here so keep fighting and someday we will understand why… least that is what Great Gram Heath and Gramma Sams used to tell us………..

    Remember that little book….”I’ve loved you forever, I’ll like you for always, Forever and Always my baby you’ll be.”

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