Tomorrow is long run day. It’s weird, but I look forward to long-run Sunday all week long. Long runs are my favorite, because they make me feel really strong, like no one should mess with me ever. (Ridiculous since my legs might be strong, but my arms resemble spaghetti noodles.)

I used to hate when runners would get all Zen and the Art of Running Absurd Distances, but… I really feel like signing up for this marathon has improved my life in hundreds of large and small ways. I know for sure it’s made me better at my job the past month at least.

This week it’s 7 miles. I’ve run 7 miles before, but only once so I’m feeling sufficiently badass even though it’s not actually that far. Last time I ran this distance I did it in 80 minutes, my goal this week is to do it in 75.

This is what those 75 minutes will probably sound like:


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