Ugh. I just had the worst run. The worst. And, I thought I should write about it while I’m still sitting here drenched in sweat, light headed and for some reason feeling like I have chlorinated water up my nose.

It’s a good reminder to me that I can’t always control everything – not even my own body.

Today was absolutely beautiful out and I spent half of it hunched over my computer and the other half taking my cat to the vet. I couldn’t wait for the work day to end so I could get outside and run.  I was also kind of nervous though because on my training plan, today was the first day of strength training on hills.

For anyone interested, this is the plan I’m following. I spent January, February and most of March building a mileage foundation to even allow me to start training. I’m now on week three:

Turns out hills are hard. By the third one, I had to walk half of the way up. By the fourth one, I had a terrible I-have-to-go-to-the-bathroom cramp. By the fifth one, I had to walk the entire way back up. My half mile jog home from the hill I was running on was pathetic and slow. I felt – well, I guess feel – like a total failure or like I’m right back to my couch to 5k days.

So weird how I went from busting out a fast (for me) seven miles two days ago to barely being able to complete a 3 mile round trip run just because of some hills.

But, at the same time, it’s probably an important, humbling lesson. I can’t force my body to do more than it can do. I have to be patient. Not a virtue of mine, but I’m guessing there will be a lot more moments like the one I’m experiencing right now as I get ready to run 26.2 in December.


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