Long Run Sunday

Today was my “long” run — but I didn’t add any new miles. The training plan I’m following is a beginner’s half marathon plan and for every week where I add miles, the following week I actually go back down in mileage. I’m trying to remember that this is to prevent injury and will actually allow me to arrive at race day with months of steady training under my belt, but I am dying to get to double digits. For some reason 10 miles just sounds infinatly more badass than seven miles, eight miles, nine miles.

So today was a steady, but uninspired, seven. They sounded like this for the most part:



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2 responses to “Long Run Sunday

  1. Don’t know about your plan but you should be able to add one mile per week, or every two weeks conservatively, and be up to 10 miles in 3 -6 weeks. Or you could just bite the bullet and run ten on Wed. 🙂

    • meganirwin

      I’ve heard (and read) that — but I’m following this plan and it’s steered me pretty well so far: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_4/134.shtml

      My natural instinct is to push too hard so I’m trying to hold back to prevent getting hurt (and my race isn’t until July 4th.) Also, this plan does add one mile every two weeks (like last week was 8, this week was 7, next week will be 9, then back to 7, then finally to 10…)

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