I did some good work today but nothing, nothing feels as good as coming home from the road. Oliver is listening to old-timey songs and cooking dinner. Everyone should have an Oliver to do that for them.

My office at home.



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3 responses to “Home

  1. grammy

    WOW what a great idea for your office walls! I love it…..
    Thumbs up for Ollie…..you are so lucky….but then so is he, and I am sure you both know it.
    Like I always tell PaPa, ” …you know my happiness lies, right under my eyes, right in my own back yard.” Home truly is where the heart is!!

  2. Mary Smith

    Seeing this picture inspired a dream that I had last night where I was in this room and also touring the rest of your house. Your bedroom had a sweet potato plant in it. My sleeping brain is weird.

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