This is what I look like after running 12 miles by mistake. Busted, but happy.

I’ve got this double digits thing down. After all my worry about whether I could make it 10 miles, I accidentally ran 12. Whoops.

I was extra motivated today by some of my awesome friends who sponsored my run today, helping me reach 19% of my fundraising goal for Girls on the Run. Thank you guys. There were a couple of miles (hills) there that were really tough, and just pretended that you were there cheering me on which helped me keep putting one foot in front of the other.

The last two miles were the weirdest. I listened to “Edge of Glory” on a loop and honestly I don’t think I could even feel my legs. All the dogs I passed looked like they were rooting for me. I don’t think my brain was getting enough oxygen…

I’ve decided I really like running as a way to see my city. Things I saw on my run today:

  • A guy on a long board getting pulled by two pit bulls.
  • Blond twin boys having a mud fight.
  • A lot of haunted looking houses on Willamette Boulevard.
  • So many beautiful flowers, it made me want to take up gardening. (But not really.)
  • A bunch of hipsters gentrifying the corner of Webster and Killingsworth in a really obnoxious way.
  • God. Twice, I think.

If I feel this crazy/amazing/high on endorphins after just 12 accidental miles, I can’t imagine what 26.2 is going to feel like….



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3 responses to “BAM

  1. Emily

    Edge of Glory is CJ’s favorite. I admire your running and perseverance when it comes to running. It’s very impressive. Love you!

    • meganirwin

      It’s just SUCH a good song. Like so good I can’t listen to the rest of the album because I only want to listen to it good. I need to ration my listening so that I don’t start to get sick of it.

  2. Gram

    WOW alll I can say is WOW ! :} love you!

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