Big day tomorrow

Tomorrow I will finally hit double digit miles for the first time. I am so excited. Maybe it’s a weird thing to be excited about — I mean, what I’m basically saying is I’m excited to spend two hours running and probably at least one of those hours in considerable pain.

But, I’m looking forward to it.

Today I knocked out an easy, fast five and it felt fantastic. I feel really ready, unlike last week when I tried to rush things and wound up hurt and burned out.

To get some of my excitement out, I’m planning my play list for tomorrow. Yes, it’s random (Johnny Cash and Shakira in the same playlist random…) I’m pretty much constantly looking for songs that will keep my legs moving since it’s easy to get burned out on songs after you listen to them hours and hours in a row. This list clocks in at 101 minutes. Starts with Gaga, ends with Judas Priest because that’s what I need about 95 minutes into a run in order to finish.

What are your favorite running songs?


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