I have not been able to run for three days due to insane schedule and insane BS at the Philadelphia airport. God, that place sucks. I am going to go ba-nan-as if I don’t get some miles in today. Here’s what my last 36 hours have been:

  • painful high heels
  • 90 degrees + ridiculous humidity
  • Terrible freaking thunderstorms that ruined my life yesterday
  • Sitting in an airplane waiting to take off for 5 hours.Then flying home to Portland for 5 hours. Then going home at 1:45 a.m. seeing my boyfriend for two hours and going back to the stupid airport. Then sitting bored as hell at LAX for three hours waiting to connect to Tucson because United Airlines likes to make using your 100 bajillion frequent flier miles as inconvenient as possible.

Ok, we’re boarding now… I didn’t quite realize how much running means to me until I wasn’t able to do it these past few very frustrating days.


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