My race is in just about three weeks and lately I do. not. want. to. run.

This is not good. I think it’s just an inspiration lapse. And a function of being incredibly tired after a whirl-wind of travel that took me from Portland to New York to Newark to Harrisburg to Philadelphia to Portland to Tucson to Portland to Des Moines and back to Portland in the span 10 days.

And let me tell you — the treadmill at the Newark Airport Hilton is no inspiration. Neither is the 90-degree workout room (I’m NOT calling it a gym) at the Des Moines Embassy Suites.

I’m home again now for the next 13 days — thank God — so here’s to pushing through this slump and finding a way to make it fun again.


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  1. grammy

    Ill get Abby Gadabby to wave her wand to help…..just imagine her hitching a ride on your shoulder and her fairy dust will make you fly……..I know, its corny….but she sure helped me out while in the hosp with mom and we really do believe in fairy tales…right?

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