Cherry pie

I am really, really pleased with the way this looks.

I’ve had a pretty frustrating Saturday. I’m exhausted for no reason,  had a hard run for no reason (I’m really rested — this was only my second run this week due to being so dang tired) and got stuck in a ridiculous traffic jam for an hour. It’s also raining like it’s the middle of November. So gross.

My only solution was to make a pie to try and distract myself from how gloomy/sleepy I feel.  I chose cherry because it requires a lot of work, which also means it brings a great reward. I had to sit in a chair to make the crust and pit the cherries due to previously mentioned unexplainable exhaustion, but still the experience was pretty dang rewarding.

I was excited about these cherries even though they're from Fred Meyer and it's really early in the season. Just happy they season is starting.

I used my usual crust recipe and used a pizza cutter to get the strips for the lattice top. I cut 10 strips because I wanted the lattice to be really lattice-y, but choose your own adventure on this one.

I've been using this flour lately -- it is like a million times better than Gold Seal. A million. It's also pretty expensive, but worth it.

For the filling I used two pounds of cherries, flour to thicken the fruit and agave nectar instead of sugar. Took an hour to pit all those cherries and it got, uh, messy. Looks a little like a crime scene in the kitchen right now.

See, messy. Notice the wardrobe change? Couldn't have cherry juice getting all up on my favorite summer dress.

On a slightly weird note, my good friend Alexis made a lattice-top cherry pie tonight too. We didn’t plan it and we live in completely different states. I love how great friends think alike sometimes. I’m going to go enjoy a slice now.



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6 responses to “Cherry pie

  1. Mary Smith

    Such a pretty pie.

  2. alexiscatherine

    Yours is waaaay prettier than mine! That’s the reason I always stuck to brownies and cakes before, making pie PRETTY is intimidating. I need to perfect the art of rolling it out so that when it comes time to make the lattice I don’t do it the lazy way. And I must confess I used canned fruit – for my first real attempt at pie-making I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. I’m committed to using fresh fruit next time, but probably not cherries! GOOD JOB!

    • meganirwin

      The secret is in the glaze! I brushed the top with heavy cream O just happened to have around and also with agave nectar to make it nice and brown and pretty. And yeah, fresh cherries are AWESOME but only if you have an hour to spare pitting them and don’t mind the thumb pain that brings. I recommend fresh berries as the easiest way to work in fresh fruit — you don’t have to do anything but wash them and dump them on in (with something to thicken their juice like flour or cornstarch.)

  3. leesa irwin

    Beautiful pie!

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