Very important decision.

The treadmill is officially banned for the remainder of my training. Even if it’s raining.  I think I now have a negative Pavlovian response to the machine after a couple of terrible hotel “gym” treadmill runs in New Jersey and Iowa which triggered my recent slump.

Because yesterday I did an excellent eight miles outside and it felt GREAT. The added bonus to outdoor running is that I always, always get lost which leads to discovering neat things about random North Portland neighborhoods. Like this:

I wish I could tell you what street this is on but I was zoned out. It's some place north of "downtown" St. Johns/

And the treadmill might have five consecutive running episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress” playing on the TV, but it doesn’t have this view:

Going down to Cathedral Park means the only way to get home is by running up a terrible, really big hill. Worth it.


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