Let your hair down.

I discovered something important today: Running with your hair down is really fun. (I guess I should say, as long as you live in a place with Portland’s climate. I can imagine it being the opposite of fun if you are running outside in Arizona in the middle of summer.)

I had so much fun today and felt so good, so strong, that I spent the entire 80 minutes of my run grinning. Grinning! A year ago when I was trying to work up to a 5k I couldn’t imagine ever feeling anything more than extremely uncomfortable while running.

I just love this sport. I love that it’s helping me undo/recover from years of unhealthy living and that my former smoker’s lungs can support me running for hours and hours now. That’s significant. I love that the sport lets me participate in my city — I feel like I’m getting to know parts of Portland so well just by running the streets.

Most of all I love that it makes me look like this. I can’t fake that grin (trust me, there’s a lot of awkward photographic evidence that I just can not fake a smile):



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2 responses to “Let your hair down.

  1. grammy

    awwww….that’s a ‘from deep inside the soul’ smile, Megs….I can see the peace and contentment that you are reaching …..you are an inspiration to folks, young and oldie, more than you know.. Stay safe!!

  2. meganirwin

    I really am reaching that Gram — don’t know how long it will last, but am so glad to have found it for now. And you should know — YOU are an inspiration to ME. So there.

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