I just read a hilarious article on running mantras in the September issue of Runner’s World. The author mostly has a nonsensical thought processes while running — though I can identify with this fleeting thoughts while passing a small dead animal on the side of the road: “HA! Dead! Not like me, I’m RUNNING!”

(Sadly the story isn’t online. Here’s a more serious piece on how a good mantra can help you run stronger if you’re into that.)

The story got me thinking about if I have a mantra when I run. I’m not sure.

Mostly I just make up stories to entertain myself while running, or make up imaginary scenarios between me and random people I know  that will never actually happen. (Usually ex boyfriends, old enemies, or people I haven’t seen in a decade or so. What can I say — I have some unresolved issues.  Hence, the running. It’s therapy.)

Sometimes, usually after mile six which seems to just be a bad spot for me no matter what, I basically just chant one word over and over again.

I guess that’s a mantra? It’s not always the same. Often it’s four letters.  Lately it’s been “thank you.” I’m not sure who I’m thanking — I think myself most of the time, which sounds ridiculous and egotistical, but oh well. Thank you for getting your ass on the road today, thank you for surviving your early 20s, thank you for moving here to this beautiful place, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yesterday I was mostly just thankfull not to be caught in this cluster on I-5 when I ran past it...

I’m a little bit embarrassed by how corny this is. So unlike me to be so positive, but I guess that’s just what running does to your brain.


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