I feel like I always focus on my bad runs here. I swear, sometimes I have great runs — where I feel strong and badass and can go the distance without getting tired. Today was not one of those runs. I actually had to walk (the shame!) for the last mile.

My right knee and hip are in serious pain. I’m not sure exactly what’s wrong, but I’m a little concerned because Googling what my right side currently feels like lead me to believe that my “tensor fascia latae” (a thing, a muscle actually, that I didn’t know existed until yesterday…) is seriously stressed out. This is a bad thing. I’m hoping that a good session with my masseuse and starting to actually use my foam roller will take care of things before it becomes a real problem.

Makes me feel like this:


Going to take my frustration out on the kitchen (I have a new recipe for a vegan chocolate pie I want to try) and listen to Nicki Minaj really loud.



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3 responses to “OUCH!

  1. Emily

    I love Nicki Minaj. :]

  2. grammy

    Megs…I am so very sorry to see your sad unhappy face…..I wanna reach in and give you a hug to make it better. Do you ever see a sports dr. for these injuries?? Keep us up to date on what is going on…..gram

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