I have awesome co-workers (and an awesome dad)

I’m not really into asking for birthday presents — it feels weird after a certain age, right? — but apparently my team mates at work definitely know what I like:

Coffee! SO MUCH coffee.

Tiny pie!


Fancy new pie dishes from my pops!

And my favorite thing of all — my birthday card from Oliver:

Came with two days at the Oregon coast...

But seriously, I really don’t like to think of a birthday in terms of things. I don’t know why but I have the best feeling about this year (and no, I don’t always say that.)

Every year I set birthday goals. Like, I write them down and track my progress toward them monthly. I realize this is incredibly nerdy, but it does bring a sense of satisfaction once they’re accomplished. And somehow, despite being constantly convinced I didn’t have time to do anything but work last year, I actually managed to cross everything off my list.

This year’s goals:

  • Run two marathons
  • Run one ultra marathon
  • Visit one foreign country not contiguous to the United States.
  • Read two books a month.

Bonus goal: Maybe learn to swim?




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2 responses to “I have awesome co-workers (and an awesome dad)

  1. Emily

    I’ll go to the foreign country with you! I’m glad you had a good birthday week. I love you!

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