Miss you!

It’s 10 p.m. and I’m sitting here in a hotel room staring at my running shoes, craving a good run (and honestly, a good slice of pie) but I just worked a 14 hour day, am in a pretty dangerous city (so no outside runs, even during the day) and am so, so burned out on being in  business traveler’s treadmill hell.

All that to say, I haven’t been blogging because my runs have been mostly inside and uninspiring and I’ve had zero time to bake. I’m just hoping that the fact that I can deal with the monotony of treadmill running means I won’t get bored during the marathon (or frankly, my 20 mile run this weekend) when I actually get to be outside.

Anyway, aside from not really enjoying running, here are some things I’ve been seeing and doing:

Enjoying this pumpkin/thinking about how I want to make pumpkin pie.

Buying farm raised gator for Oliver. (Bad vegan!)

Feeling nervous about all this hot sauce.

I’m excited to get home for more of this:

Snuggling with Nacho/watching Ally McBeal/pretending I AM Ally McBeal



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