Incredibly sweet weekend

No pie baking and not a lot of running happened this weekend but there was still a lot of sweetness to go around. And frankly, a lot of sweat because it was still 97 degrees in Tucson. In October! I love the desert and I love my family, but I can tell you unequivocally that the heat made me so grateful that I am no longer an Arizona resident.

Anyway, this weekend I got to see one of my best friends, Alexis, get married. Even better – I got to perform the ceremony. I was so incredibly honored to marry them. I met Alexis in the late summer of 2006, even though we had mutual friends in common for years. It was a weird time in both of our lives which bonded us instantly – that and a real, un-ironic, love of Mariah Carey. I can’t even count the number of weird nights I had with her or the number of hours she spent listening to me vent about whatever no-longer-very-important seeing things used to get me worked up back then.

My first couple years out of college I spent a lot of time in bars, a lot of time staying up until the sun came out, and I met a ton of people. I had a rule back then that no matter how many acquaintances I had, I didn’t really count someone as a friend until I a) knew their last name (this was before Facebook just told you everyone’s last name. We were all on Myspace and a first name only basis) and b) would feel comfortable hanging out with them during the day, sober.

Alexis was one of the few “night time friends” from that group who migrated over into the day time friends group and stayed there. Lucky me.

Her wedding was incredibly fun with a ton of really sweet details and a lot of super fun dancing:

I loved the cake topper Alexis made. It's her, her husband Josh and their dog Jackson.

I'm not sure why, but Alexis' little sister changing into these Converse after the ceremony just made me really happy. It was one of the sweetest, small details of the day.

I also had the opportunity to log some serious family time the past couple days which was fantastic. Oliver got to meet members of my extended family at my second-cousin Fenix’s birthday party. She’s three – check out her adorable face below. My cousins all have made some seriously adorable children.

Birthday girl ready for cake.

I got in lots of good Grammy/mom/dad/sibling time. I so wish that I could move them all to Portland to live near us. I know Arizona isn’t in my future again, but I get really homesick for my family. Final great thing about the weekend – I got to introduce Oliver to Eegees… and have one myself for the first time in about a kajillion years.

EEGEES! The official food of Tucson.

Now all I need are a couple days to recover from my weekend with some good long runs and some good sleep. I wish I could freeze time so that tomorrow wouldn’t be Monday yet. Oh well – this weekend was worth how tired I am right now/how tired I will be tomorrow.


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One response to “Incredibly sweet weekend

  1. alexiscatherine

    I love you! You were amazing, I am so lucky to have you in my life. 🙂

    PS I can’t take all the credit for that topper, we each painted ourselves. And Amy talked changing into Converse after the ceremony for weeks and weeks before the wedding, she was so excited to wear them!

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