What should I turn these babies in to?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been too sick to run (really – tried it Saturday, banged out five miles.. couldn’t really breathe for 4.5 of them) but I’m feeling really bleak about winter coming.

I think it’s because I had to wear tights to work this morning – I was hoping to last until November without them. Last night I also did the ceremonial putting away of the summer clothes. (Along with the ceremonial boxing up of things to give to my sister.) Both activities come with a ceremonial mess:


To cheer myself up I made pumpkin puree following this recipe from No Meat Athlete – it’ll probably turn into a pie at some point this Saturday. I’m trying to remind myself to revel in what is great about fall and try not to think about my poor pasty legs being shoved into black tights for the next 6 months. If nothing else I can take pleasure in planting spring flowers which will come out to cheer me up just when I’m sure I can’t take another second of winter.



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  1. Mary Smith

    The impending doom of Oregon winters scares me so much lately also. My house is poorly insulated and has electric heat. How do you stay warm?

  2. meganirwin

    1. Snuggie. 2. Electric blanket. 3. Hot showers. 4. Build a nest for yourself next to the heater in your favorite room and just never leave it.

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