Crunch time

I’m back from my pneumonia induced rest period. Last night I was able to get in a nice 9 mile run without too much trouble (see above for my happy, endorphin rushed face) but I’m really, really nervous about getting back in shape for the marathon next month.I perform best under pressure – in school I always left reports to the last minute. When I worked at the newspaper I always, always waited until the night before a cover story was due to write it (sorry Amy! Really, you are the best editor in the world…) and things always worked out just fine.

Unfortunately, my friend and fellow future Tucson  Marathon runner  Monique says, “cramming for a marathon isn’t the same as cramming for your college midterms.”

That sucks.



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2 responses to “Crunch time

  1. grams.....xo

    Im happy you are over that sicky time, Meg. And you look really good here after your run so I know you will do fine….with all the friends and Famdamily cheering you on. I just dont see how yoiu find time to train when you are in the air so much?? We are planning to have a big open house type Thankful Day and I plan to make your sweet potato pie….wish you were here to do it for me. Can’t wait til Dec! Hugs a bunch and safe runs!

  2. abi

    Glad you’re feeling better! Good luck with the “running-cramming.” 🙂

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