My manifesto – a way to beat the blues.

I’m experiencing a major case of the January blahs. Nothing’s wrong exactly, but I’m cold, I’m anxious, I’m bored and I don’t really have anything to look forward to this month.

I went for a run, but couldn’t shake the feeling. The thought of busting out the flour and making pie crust didn’t excite me today either.

So, to try and shake this feeling off, I took a page from my friend Amy’s book – or blog I guess – and wrote myself a personal manifesto. I feel slightly better now that it’s done, so I guess it worked:

1. I won’t judge you by your job, your playlist or your car. I will judge you by the way you treat crying babies on airplanes, waitresses and stray dogs.

2. Never let your job – the thing you do to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly – become your defining characteristic. People won’t want to talk to you anymore at parties.

3. My politics and my views on religion are complicated, contradictory and unapologetic.

4. There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure. It’s ok to have a genuine interest in what happens on Teen Mom. As long as you read actual books sometimes too.

5. Speaking of books, I understand Kindle, but I don’t like it.

6. Find at least one thing to get super-nerdy about and go all in.

7. Even though I won’t judge you based on your play list, I feel comfortable saying if your favorite band is U2, we probably won’t have that much in common.

8. If you met me between the ages of 19 and 25 and any of the following things happened: We laid in a hammock and told secrets, or we watched a sunrise, or cried in a bathroom at a bar, or car-danced to ABBA/sang to Mariah without irony, or we jumped into a pool fully clothed, or the worst thing in the world happened to me and you brought me a blanket and then threw me a surprise birthday party …  if any (or all) of these things happened at any point during that time frame, then you know all of the things important things about me. It doesn’t matter if the last time we spoke was five days ago, five weeks ago or five years ago. You are still my best friend. You always will be.

9. Learn to bake a decent pie crust. It’s five ingredients – water, flour, butter, sugar, salt –  you can handle it.

10. Call your mother. Always call your mother.



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