Happy Galentines Day!

Galentine's Day gifts

These heart shaped pies were making the rounds on all the blogs this weekend, so no need to re-hash the recipe here. (Just click the clicky if you want to know how to make them yourself.)

Instead I just want to quickly celebrate Galentine’s Day, a holiday given to us by my hero Leslie Knope. To be honest, I’m no Leslie. I don’t have the energy to make my gals a self-portrait mosaic out of the glass from their favorite diet soda bottles. But, I DID have time to watch Practical Magic and make these pies for three of my favorite Portland ladies.

(By the way, Practical Magic is a movie that is absolutely impossible to watch without shame. I feel like even my cat is judging me. Oliver mocked me mercilessly for the entire 90 minutes it was on. So, you guys, I promise that I this weekend I also watched The Graduate.)

I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater by any means. I actually really like it and I’ve only had one truly terrible V-day in my life (it involved an Applebee’s…whoops!) and in retrospect, I brought most of that one on myself. BUT, I love the idea of taking time out to celebrate the gals who keep me sane.

Just like Valentine’s Day is a totally made up holiday that’s still a nice excuse to do nice things for your significant other, Galentine’s Day is an even more made up holiday, that’s an awesome excuse to celebrate the fact that lady friends are the best. And probably more likely to appreciate heart shaped baked goods.)

It was REALLY hard to take a photo today without looking like a crazy person, so this is the best I could do.



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