Ask and you shall recieve

A few weeks ago I posted this Real Simple cake article on Pinterest with the caption “someone please give me a reason to bake a cake.”

My little brother Josh obliged. By marrying his beautiful girlfriend last week. It was a quick marriage in Tucson for personal (non-baby related) reasons and in the future they’ll have a wedding where all of our families – who span two countries – can attend and celebrate. In the meantime, we had a nice day with our small family. I don’t think I’ll be switching from team pie to team cake any time soon, but this lemon cake I baked – from scratch! –  felt pretty special. My brother cried (happy tears, I am pretty sure) when he saw it so we’ll chalk it up as a win.

Five days later, I’m still feeling sentimental about seeing my baby brother so grown up. We had the after party where we always have it. At Grammy’s house. Josh’s best friend Rob – an old friend of mine too –  his girlfriend and their son were there too. It was hard not to reflect on the passing of time.

At one point in the night I joked with Rob and my brother about what it feels like to be on the wrong side of 25. Almost 30 even. “How did that happen?” someone wondered. “Weren’t we just kids?”

I’m sarcastic and struggle with demonstrating emotion in person so my answer was something like, “Well the Earth went around the Sun quite a few times and we all got here and we all got older.”

Inside, I was just as baffled. I don’t know how we went from kids, to teenagers, to confused 20-somethings and now, I guess it’s official since Josh is hitched, to adults.

I do know that lemon cake was the perfect food to accompany the feelings of the day. I know I’m beyond happy for Joshua. And, I know that years from now, it will seem hilarious that any of us felt “old” in our 20s or briefly nostalgic for our teens.


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