Running is making me smarter

Though it’s not making me a better or more consistent blogger, at least I can rest easy that running is making me smarter. At least according to this article I read. It’s a little heavy on biology jargon but this paragraph gives you the general jist:

They found that running stimulates the brain to grow new neurons – new grey matter – in part of the brain used for spatial memories called the hippocampus. The hippocampus is also critical for our fluid intelligence.

Good news for me since the other things that make you smarter include being good at brain teasers and not having chronic stress. Well, I suck at Soduku and chronic stress is pretty much a way of life around these parts. (Duh! Why do you think I started obsessively baking and running in the first place?)

Chronic stress face. It's worse than my former affliction, chronic bitch face.




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