Things to do on an airplane when your laptop dies.

Holy crap, April went fast – and May’s going even faster. I’ve been bouncing around the country more than usual the past few weeks. By June I will have traveled to DC, New York, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Tucson and back to NY. Oh and somewhere in there I’m running my first ultra marathon.

My schedule gets a little bit insane at times, but thank god I’m not bored very often. I feel sorry for people who have to do the same thing in the same place all of the time.  It does lead to negligent blogging though. And negligent baking. And dull running (treadmills tell no interesting tales.)

So instead, I give you something I recently wrote in my regular old notebook:

Things to do on an airplane when your laptop dies (and you still have two hours to go)

  • Freak out about the turbulence, try to pray the Rosary and ponder the Mysteries. (As an insurance policy against the bumpy ride.) 
  • Give up after the second Hail Mary. 
  • Read about hostile power grabs in chimpanzee colonies in captivity. Wonder how hard it would really be to become a primatologist. 
  • See how slowly you can eat your bag of peanuts. (Answer: pretty slowly.) 
  • Attempt the Soduku puzzle in the in flight magazine. Give up. Attempt the “easy” crossword. Give up. Resort to the “what’s different in these two pictures puzzle.” Own it. 
  • Seat dance to “Bette Davis Eyes.”
  • Miss your best friend. 

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