Summer planning and possibilities.

Our first summer – a year before I moved to Oregon I came to visit Oliver. You can see why I made the move less than a year later.

Today was a perfect Portland summer day. Almost, but not quite, 90 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky and 0% chance of rain.

I adore summer. It fills me with a sense of possibility and slight recklessness – a feeling that something great is about to happen. The feeling of hope and excitement that summer brings is a little stronger here in Oregon (after all, I’ve endured months of rain!) but even in 110-degree Arizona I felt the same way. As a kid, summer was the time to stay up really late scheming, reading book after book, worrying about the future. In college and the few years beyond, it was the time to abandon responsibility, to go a little crazy, to wear my swim suit all day.

And, always, at the end of summer comes the chance to reinvent, to calm down for the fall. I was that nerd who always planned – over planned – the first day of school from my outfit to my notebooks. My birthday falls over Labor Day weekend. The official end of summer and the perfect opportunity to plan all the ways I’ll be better next year.

Today, obviously, I don’t get completely reckless just because it’s summer, though I do, occasionally, leave work by 4 on Friday. A couple years ago a co-worker had what she deemed “epic summer.” I admire her energy, but decided to allow myself to feel ok about just having “pretty good summer.”

Whether this summer turns out epic or just pretty good (which would be fine with me), I do still have my birthday at the end. This year I turn 29. I’m excited and I also feel like I need to really do something with my 29th year. Taking a page from my friend Mindy, I’ve decided to try and come up with a “30 before 30” list. The only trouble is besides “finally go see the Grand Canyon” I have no idea what to put on it. There are some things on my lifetime bucket list (qualify for and run Western States, live in a foreign country) that are unrealistic to start on my 29th birthday and complete by my 30th.

So I’m taking suggestions.  I don’t have unlimited funds, but I can afford some travel. I get 20 days of vacation time a year. I’m vegetarian (and one goal on the list might be “finally go vegan” so no weird food suggestions.) I can only think of two other things – skydiving and bungee jumping – that are absolutely 100% not ever going on a list of things to do in my lifetime.

I think those are the only rules. So – help me out here… what goes on the list?






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5 responses to “Summer planning and possibilities.

  1. leesa irwin

    A vacation to Costa Rica – so gorgeous, environmentally conscious, good, non-meat based food, and the best zipline I ever tried. (Thank God, and believe me, I am thanking Him, that skydiving and bungee jumping are NOT on any list of yours.) I also always thought a personalized license plate would be cool.

  2. alexiscatherine

    Here is the bucket list I’m working on with Josh – most of these don’t apply to you, especially for a one year list, but maybe it will stir up something!

    1. Master the ukulele (learn how to play those pain in the butt chords once and for all!).

    2. Hike the Appalachian Trail

    3. Retire to a beach house.

    4. Go to Disney World.

    5. Have a baby.

    6. Go skydiving “for real” (Josh, not me. I took him indoor skydiving for his birthday).

    7. Own a home.

    8. Drive across country. -Check (Except for California)

    9. Fly in a fighter jet (Not me – this is entirely him, thank you very much).

    10. Visit New York City.

    11. Bake a pie from scratch. – Check

    12. Pay off my student loans.

    13. Spend too much on a pair of shoes.

    14. Record an album.

    15. Visit Europe, Spain specifically.

    16. Take up painting.

    As for original ideas for you, I selfishly suggest you go on a fun trip to NC to see places where the Hunger Games was filmed. How about a Triathlon? Camping in Yellowstone?

    • meganirwin

      A trip to NC is definitely going to happen next year whether it’s explicitly on the 30 before 30 list or not! I’m dying to get out there and go to the amazing beach I see in all your pictures!

  3. Here are a few activities that I think you might enjoy:
    1. Swim with dolphins
    2. Take trapeze lessons
    3. Go to Europe with me
    4. Perform a song or dance in front of a large audience (as an adult)
    5. Make a dress from scratch and wear it

    • meganirwin

      I can definitely get behind going to Europe with you! And trapeze lessons after seeing you in that video!

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