Technology is weird

I’m writing this from inside a metal tube, 30,000 feet in the air. And then, I’m going to hit “publish” and it will be online. That’s kind of insane right?

It fits though. I’m spending most of this week on airplanes which is cool because  I get to scratch that never satisfied in one place itch that I’ve had since I was a kid. Nothing made me happier than sitting in the back of the station wagon, eating powdered donuts from Circle-K (my dad’s road-food of choice) knowing we were going somewhere. Usually Show Low, AZ. We Irwin’s aren’t a glamorous bunch, but I do have amazing family vacation memories. Many of the Clark Griswold variety.

Even though I like being on the road, something about airports and airplanes makes me a little sad. Not like I’m about to cry sad. Just, like, there’s a small ache in my chest and I don’t know why sad. Maybe it’s just the feeling of being in-between. Not quite anywhere. It’s the same feeling I get in hospital waiting rooms, even if I’m not there for a serious reason.

(It probably doesn’t help that I just finished reading “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake” which I think is one of the saddest books I’ve read in a long time in that same ache-y, weird chest feeling way that airports are sad.)

Anyway, I made a list of my top 5 flying around in airplanes feeling mope-y songs and thought I’d share:

  1. Monsters of Folk – Ahead of the Curve. I’m a little embarrassed to love this song because, Connor Oberst. Really, Megan? Are you a sad 21 year old? Not anymore, but this song really does sound like it feels to travel for a living.
  2. Avett Brothers – November Blue. No real “why,” I just like the way this song sounds. I can’t fully make up my mind on the Avett Brothers. Like, sometimes they’re so great and sometimes, so … not great. Not bad, just not good. This is one of the good ones though.
  3. Mountain Goats – Broom People. Honestly, I could have made this entire list just of Mountain Goats songs because I think they’re perfect. I narrowed it down to this one because something about it sounds like the way I feel when I get home and get to see Oliver. I think it’s something to do with the fact that he’s the only person who just gets it. Gets why I stay so busy and gets it when I need a break. And never asks if I’m “ok” or tells me I work “too much.” My two biggest pet peeves.
  4. Sam Cooke – That’s Where It’s At. Another going-home-feels-so-great song. Sometimes I think I love leaving because it means I get to come home and I’m not sure anything feels better than coming home after a trip.
  5. The Shins – Simple Song. Again, slightly embarrassing due to the fact that I am not Zach Braff in 2004, but I still like The Shins. Sue me. This song just relaxes me when the plane I’m in goes through turbulence and it also reminds me of my friend Susan who I love and miss.

Me, up in the air. I look tired because – unfortunate fact – I can’t sleep through the night in hotel rooms.



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4 responses to “Technology is weird

  1. emilycathleen

    I love mopey music. thanks 🙂

  2. Jessica Handy

    I am flipping through your blog looking for a recipe I saw on here the last time I looked at your blog…..and I just wanted to say that you look strikingly like Nancy Botwin in this photo. I wonder if I can post this comment without registering first or something…we shall see….

    • meganirwin

      Haha – I get that like once a week! Ever since she was in Fried Green Tomatoes (I had red hair back then too…) Is it bad that I kind of want to be Nancy? She’s the coolest.

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