Red eye flight survival kit

I’m not totally sure why I’m doing this to myself, but I’m taking a red eye to New York in a minute. I’m just hardcore like that.

I actually don’t mind the idea behind taking a red eye, but I do mind looking like crap in meetings the following day. (I’m just super-vain like that…)

Here’s how I at least attempt to pull it off:

  • Headscarf. Keeps my hair curled the way I like it even while I’m trying to sleep in an airline seat for a few hours.
  • Ny Quil. Helps with the above mentioned sleep attempts.
  • Headphones or earplugs. Because when I’m tired – like I am right now – anyone in my general vicinity is automatically annoying.
  • Moisturizer. So much moisturizer. And a giant water bottle.
  • Wrinkle free fabric. Thank you to Ruth R. Benerito, the inventor of the wrinkle free fibers my dress is made out of. Thanks to her – and my headscarf – I’ll show up tomorrow looking presentable instead of like a horrible, wrinkly, mess.

Feeling ready to face this flight. As long as the loud mouthed lady next to me – who is bugged the crap out of everyone including her friends – isn’t seated anywhere near me…


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  1. Have you discovered the joy of noise-canceling headphones? I can’t imagine flying without mine anymore:

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