The worst thing about cupcakes….

Is the damn time it takes to frost them! Ugh.

The coolest thing about cupcakes is that I basically just used the same ingredients to make the filling, the actual cake and the frosting. Weird how you can combine butter, milk, flour and eggs to make so many different things. Man, chemistry, you blow my mind.

I’m definitely not going to convert to team cake any time soon though. It’s so time consuming. That saying “easy as pie” really means something, I think. I just chose cake tonight because I needed a time consuming project to keep me busy – staying up late tonight hoping to catch my brother in Helsinki on Skype. That 10 hour time difference is rough.

The result: sticky fingers and these:

White cake, lemon filling, vanilla/banana frosting.



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One response to “The worst thing about cupcakes….

  1. leesa irwin

    reminds me of siina and josh’s wedding cake

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