Things to do before a half marathon that you didn’t really train for

Tomorrow I’ll run in the Foot Traffic Flat. It’s my favorite July 4th tradition besides shooting off bottle rockets in the street. (Hooray Oregon fireworks laws! Such a big deal for an Arizona girl. Fireworks were illegal when I was a kid and I was always convinced that I’d get arrested for even a sparkler.)

Last year I ran it after a rigorous spring of training. It was my first half marathon and I took it seriously.

This year, not so much. My longest run in the last month was 8 miles, though about six weeks ago I think I did 15, so I’ll probably be ok. Or ok-ish.

Anyway, here’s what I’m doing today besides training:

  • Watching Walking Dead and feeling vastly superior to stupid Lori. Also, figuring if I need motivation tomorrow, I’ll just pretend that a bunch of “walkers” are chasing me.
  • Telling myself that having enough of a “base” to run a half marathon at really any moment is a thing. I don’t think it is but…
  • Cleaning my sad, neglected house. I’ve been in a work cave for months and it shows in every aspect of life from my split ends to my dirty bathroom. Also see: Whoops, I forgot to train for this race. Also see: Whoops, I never freaking blog.
  • Planning a cute running outfit tomorrow. I’m definitely going to be slow on the course, no need to look busted while doing it.
  • Vowing to actually write some real things about surviving a race you didn’t really train for tomorrow after I’ve done it.


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3 responses to “Things to do before a half marathon that you didn’t really train for

  1. I am running my first half marathon in October and currently training for it on top of my busy life as a graduate student. Recently I had to force myself to clean the house (been neglected)… Also, I enjoy wearing cute running outfits because it obviously makes me run faster and look good doing it 😉 I think your ‘walkers’ motivation is hilarious!
    Good luck tomorrow!

    • meganirwin

      Yes – I HIGHLY recommend training and not doing what I just did. Although… it wasn’t a bad race, but it definitely feels a lot better when you’ve actually logged the training miles! In a way, running while working on your MA – I find that stress motivates me to get going and that running decreases the stress. Good luck!

      • Yep, I completely agree with the ‘stress motivates me…running decreases stress!” statement! One of the reasons I decided to train for an event rather than just working out ‘whenever’ (since that plan did not work for me this past year)…

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