Hoping pictures really are worth 1,000 words.

Took a red eye to Chicago last night. Or, this morning? Am tired. Am also seriously enjoying these photos. I think you will too:

Sun and sweat in my eyes. Do not mess with me when this face is on.

This one is also particularly a-maz-ing. I thought I beat this guy, finish line photo says no.

Just look how badly I wanted to beat Mr. Fancy Pants Vibram Five Fingers Runner. Just look.

There are also several photos of me running with extremely poor, heel striking, supinating form. Too scary to show you.



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12 responses to “Hoping pictures really are worth 1,000 words.

  1. Great pics, did you enjoy it?

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  3. leesa irwin

    You are beautiful, no matter what face you have on, and I swear, your foot is ahead of Mr. Fancy Pants! Besides, does he have toe shoes on?

    • meganirwin

      YES! Which just makes me want to have beaten him even more. However, I have pics from the actual finish line (the one above is from about .05 mi before it) and he definitely beat me. I’ll send them to you, but they’re too silly for public consumption.

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