CMKY Run: skip it.

One of the reasons I run is to stay in an endorphin-fueled positive mind-set as much as possible. So, I try not to complain too much on this blog. Try being the operative word, especially for this post.

Yesterday I ran the CMYK color run in Portland and I have to say, it was pretty disappointing. After seeing this race hyped up across social media and at my most recent half marathon, I was really excited. I think I had an image in my head of a fast, fun race – mostly based on the flier, which promises “five kilometers of vibrant ridiculousness that will make your face hurt from perma-smile.”


Girl on the flier is having SO MUCH FUN!

I was totally snookered by the marketing. So A+ to the marketing director. C- for the actual race director though.

The course was on an equestrian path (why?! The waterfront would have been such a better Portland venue) and it was mostly uphill, it was full of holes to sprain your ankle in, and it was covered in hay a lot of the way which is extremely slippery to run on. I felt particularly bad for the parents who had come to run with their kids in strollers. At registration, the course was described as “stroller friendly,” but it was actually barely even runner friendly. (Seriously, the hills were rough, especially since they were unexpected.)

Add to that the fact that it was 90-degrees and the color that they throw on you, while not toxic, really hurts to accidentally breathe in, and I have to say that I wish I’d slept in and just done 3 miles on my own in my neighborhood yesterday.

The ONLY saving grace of the experience was that it gave me the chance to spend some time with my friend Ren. She was really the best part of the morning. She’s pretty much the most positive person ever, and so her can-do attitude about the ridiculous – in a bad way – logistics of the race made the whole thing bearable.

That said, even with Ren’s power of positive thinking, this was one of the biggest wastes of money I’ve spent as a runner (and that includes a race I registered for and couldn’t run due to injury) and if it comes to your town, I recommend moving past the hype machine and sitting it out.


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  1. Sorry the race was a bummer….

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