Signs you need to go for a run

Signs you need to run it out:

  1. You are sitting in your office, eating baby carrots, listening to The Damned and feeling annoyed for no reason in particular.
  2. The words “I wish I was still 21” have come out of your mouth in the last 30 minutes. (Especially if you’re about to turn 29.)
  3. Your email inbox has approximately 45 kajillion emails in it with that little “urgent” exclamation point, but you can’t bring yourself to respond to any of them.
  4. You live in Portland and it’s not raining, but you know soon it will be non-stop for months.
  5. You’re making this face:

Yes, there is a Purple Rain poster in my office.


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One response to “Signs you need to go for a run

  1. Grammy

    awwww….this look makes me sad :{……you need me to brush your hair and tickle your back and give Grammy hugs. XXOO

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