Thirty before 30 – the official bucket list

I can’t find any photos of myself from 2002 – did no one have a camera? That’s probably actually a good thing… I wasn’t super camera ready back then.

A few months ago I read this list of 30 things everyone woman should have/know by the time she turns 30 on the Huffington Post. Some of it I agreed with – some of it I thought was lame. (Item number one in particular – why would you want to have an old boyfriend you could see yourself going back to? Unless you live in a rom-com, this is actually a super sad thing to have.)

Even though the Huffington Post’s list was kind of stupid, I liked the idea and decided to make my own list.

My 29th birthday is in a week, and inspired by the article and by my friend Mindy,  I’ve come up with my own 30 Before 30 list. Thirty things I want to make 100% sure I do before I step foot into my next decade.

Turns out, coming up with 30 things I want to do before my 20s die was actually kind of hard. But, I think this is a pretty good list and I think I can actually accomplish it. In no particular order:

  • Shoot a gun with my dad. Shooting just feels like one of those basic skill things that I should at least attempt to learn how to do. And, my dad was a rancher in his life before kids, so he feels like the right person to ask to teach me.  I planned on doing this over the holiday break and then, two days before I left for Tucson, Sandy Hook happened. “Shoot a gun” no longer feels right to me as a life goal, so I’m changing this one to: Go on a long hike with my dad at Turkey Creek. He’s a huge hiker and knows all the best trails in Southern AZ, so this way I still get to spend time with my dad, without recreating using an object I don’t feel comfortable with.
  • Attend a silence and meditation retreat weekend. Earlier this year a very zen coworker of mine suggested this to me after he returned from a 10 day silence retreat. (He probably wants me to stop talking so much. I don’t look super Irish, but am definitely blessed with the gift of the gab.) If I tried a full week, it would end like the episode of the L-Word where Bette tries this and goes all crazy. But I can do a weekend. Um, I can probably do a weekend.
  • Take a real baking class
  • Finish reading Love in the Time of Cholera. Jesus Christo – I’ve been trying to get this book read since I was 27. I’m still on page 200. I think it’s because Florentino Ariza is SO annoying and creepy and I hate him.
  • Take a trapeze lesson. This one comes from my amazing, beautiful best friend Adriane. It’s going to be super-awkward.
  • Ride a horse. Haven’t done this since my age was in the single digits.
  • Take my mom on a hot air balloon ride. She’s always wanted to. I’m scared of heights. Seems like a must do.
  • Participate in a grape stomp.
  • Take and do well on the GMAT
  • Take ballet. When I was 5 I quit ballet, because the teacher at Tucson Parks & Rec didn’t think I was graceful. (Who says that to a 5 year old?!) I’m still not, but maybe I can approach graceful-ish?
  • Run a marathon in 4:45.
  • Run one race – any length – a month just to stay in the habit.
  • See the Grand Canyon. Yeah – born and bred Arizonan whose never seen it. Humiliating.
  • Buy a washing machine. I hate spending money on boring things, even boring things I can afford. Putting this on here will force me to do it.
  • Be a better friend. The kind of friend who calls people back, keeps up on letters, and isn’t afraid to actually talk about feelings and stuff.
  • Finally get that brother-sister tattoo with my brother, and sister-sister tattoo with my little sis.
  • Overcome my fear(s) of swimming, fish, and the ocean and go snorkeling with mom when we go to the Bahamas.
  • Visit two countries that are not contiguous to the U.S.
  • Do the 21-day Vegan Kickstart 
  • Visit a state I’ve never been to, for non-work related reasons.
  • Join the St. Johns neighborhood association. (Update I haven’t done this yet, but I did join the City Club and I’m counting it because it’s similar in spirit and also, I think we might have to move out of our St. John’s shack in which case joining the neighborhood association makes no sense.)
  • Find meaningful volunteer work to do in my neighborhood and stick to it for longer than a month.
  • Go home to spend time with my parents once a quarter.
  • Get my Grammy to tell me her life story, and write it down.
  • Get my Grandfather to tell me his crazy ATF moonshiner stories and write those down too.
  • Write something and get it published again. Don’t be fussy or pretentious about where – four years is a really big gap in the old clips portfolio.
  • Get in contact with the other Megan E. Irwin from Phoenix and find out if she is my evil twin.
  • Visit the house I grew up in and say good-bye to it, finally.
  • Get completely debt free, including student loan debt.
  • Celebrate and make a big deal out of our 10-year friendiversary with Luis and Adriane.


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9 responses to “Thirty before 30 – the official bucket list

  1. I think that the huffington/glamour list is stupid too! Every woman should own a cordless power drill and know the best tailor in Town? Psh. I like yours better Megan! And I have the SAME exact issue with Love in the Time of Cholera! It’s such a struggle for me to finis it. I’ve tried twice and can’t get past the first half. Happy almost 30th! It’s inspiring me to write my own 30 before 30 list.

  2. Grammy

    Megan…I love your list…..great ideas. And if I know you, you will do them all. I will do my best to help….should I write the life junk down or is it a QnA thing? Thinking maybe I should leave some of the skeletons sleep, but we shall see what you want. I just can not believe you will be 30 next year!!!!! I want to turn back tiime so badly!! We had some wonder filled and tear filled years…but how thankful I have been to get to see most of my grand kids grow up in Tucson and be a part of their lives.

  3. leesa iewin

    Wow! I’m pleased to be a part of this list, but, um…a coworker also watched Shark week and informed me that the Bahamas are on the top 5 list for shark infested waters.

    Then again, I’m way older than 30, and ALL of my furniture belonged to someone else except my battered end tables. So, I may as well risk it – at least I’ll have an interesting tale to tell in my older age if I survive.

    You will have fun with this list!

  4. Can I do the trapeze lesson with you? Seriously. Adriane and I can come visit you, and we’ll all get aerobatic.

    Also: Stealing your “be a better friend” one and will respond to emails/phone calls and the like more frequently.

    • meganirwin

      YES! There’s a place Adriane took trapeze lessons in AZ – maybe we could coordinate a visit and all do it together.

      Being a better friend is hard… I’m not sure WHY, but I feel tired/worn out a lot and it zaps my energy to call and talk to people. That’s basically the worst excuse ever. Having friends was easier in college when we all saw each other all the time.

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  6. leesa iewin

    You snorkeled, in the ocean, with fish, and I had fun doing it with you! At no time, when we were in the water, did sharks even cross my mind.

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