30 Before 30 – Grandfather’s arsenal


Got this in the mail today from my Grandfather. The benefit of writing other people onto your 30 before 30 list is that you get to see how they respond. My Grammy is so excited, that she’s actually started her own “80 before 80” list (she’s got 5 years to go – we won’t shove 80 major life activities into a year!) and my Grandfather, whose time in the ATF and other government service I’d like to document, set me the handwritten note on the back of a birthday card. (Apparently Grandfather has a veritable arsenal in his house somewhere. I’ll probably pass on the machine guns, but will happily record his history.)

I’m really excited that this project is giving me the chance to really know my grandparents as an adult. They both had a big hand in raising me, and I’m glad they’re willing to be open with me and share parts of their lives that I’ve only learned about in fragments over the years.




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2 responses to “30 Before 30 – Grandfather’s arsenal

  1. What a great gift your Grandfather gave you. Enjoy!

  2. I’m really close to my gma on my mom’s side and I love visiting her and just listening to all of her stories 🙂

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