Running a half marathon with half assed training

This was a costume race – I hate costumes so I didn’t dress up. But, based on this photo, I’m going to say I went as a ghost.

I love my city and today was a good reminder of that. I ran the Run Like Hell Half Marathon and even though it was cold, wet, and my training was pretty half assed (though not as non-existent as it was in July for this race), I loved it.

This has not been a great year happiness wise. I fell into a post holiday funk in January and never really got out of it. Still in the middle of it to tell the truth. I should write about that, when I’m out the other side. But today – today I was happy. At the starting line surrounded by damp Ninja Turtles, Wonder Women (yes, plural, this was a VERY popular costume), and the Noid, I was just excited to run.

The race was pretty challenging. Like, four uphill miles through the Terwilliger Curves challenging. And, it was also beautiful. The leaves were changing, the bums under the Hawthorne Bridge were cheering (serious – they were my favorite cheering section and the course took me through their area twice), and even though I lost a toenail and bled through my shoe, it was fun. I’ll take it.

Signs of something very bad inside…

(PS: For anyone keeping track – and I doubt anyone is but me, but still – this race keeps me on track for the 30 Before 30 goal of running one race per month. In September I did a quick 8k with Race for the Cure (ahhh sorry super lefty lady friends – I needed a race and this was the only one that would work with my schedule. It was super boring and not worth a post.) 



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6 responses to “Running a half marathon with half assed training

  1. Sorry to hear about your ‘funk’ and loss of toenail! I can relate to the funk, I’ve been in/out of one since June/July when ‘life’ hit me at full force. Some days I just felt like a zombie, I definitely don’t like that feeling. Virtual hugs to ya!

  2. leesa iewin

    Honestly, I think I am most impressed that you are able to continue to run with a bloody toe and no toenail. It sends a shivery hand up my spine just thinking about it. The Run Like Hell/Hurt Like Hell race! Proud of you, as always.

    Funks suck – sorry yours is hanging on so long. When you come home for Christmas we’ll bake, celebrate and party it out of you if at all possible.

    • meganirwin

      I didn’t notice that my toe nail was gone or that I’d bled through my shoe until mile 12. Which is the last mile of the race. Once I saw that I was hurt, it became SO HARD to keep going – even though I only had one mile to go and had already accomplished most of the race. Kind of like life, right? Miss you mom. Wish we were still in the Bahamas. When I feel sad I just think about out trip and I get a little happier.

  3. grammy

    I am so proud and happy for you that you were able to run ‘outside’ your bloody toe pain and be able to see the beauty of Nature all around you and take pleasure in that!! Of course, having the bums under the bridge cheering you on helped your determination too, I am sure!! I love it!! :}

    • meganirwin

      Love you Gram. I think we should do a race together – even if we just walk a 5k. I want to come home to Tucson so bad. Can’t wait for December. I wish we could move home, but Oliver just launched a business here so we’re in Oregon for the long haul I guess.

  4. Sanjuanita Tessmer

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