I missed you

Wow. Somehow, it’s February, 2013. Somehow, I forgot to write. There is a reason, it’s just kind of a boring one. I spent most of 2012 deeply depressed which is something  I’ve struggled and lived with for the better part of a decade, and also, something I don’t love to write about for a variety of reasons. The biggest being watching paint dry is more entertaining than reading about another person’s struggle with depression. (Evidence.)

I stayed away from here because I wasn’t baking, running, or accomplishing anything interesting. My life for most of the year was like a dial-tone.

Luckily, I think things are getting better. I went for a run this week and on the way home from the gym (yeah, I run inside in the winter. I hate being cold SO MUCH) I noticed I was happy. Yay for me. And yay for this blog, where I should be a little more active this year.

To celebrate, here’s a picture of me crossing an item off the ol’ 30-before-30 list:


This horse, Beau, was really grumpy and about 1,000 years old. But it still counts.

And just for your entertainment, here’s a holiday photo of my brother and I at our family Christmas party. Which was also the best night of the holiday break. And was also the night I taught my Grammy how to Tootsie-Roll.





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2 responses to “I missed you

  1. grammy

    Wow….I have not been here for awhile. I was happy to see you are again posting, but after reading this one, I am just so sad. Wishing I could help but realizing there are so many things a grammy cant do and never will be able to… except just to be there with hugs and love.

    My story is similar, in many ways, to yours and Elizabeth’s Wurtzel. BTW, unlike alot of the people who posted comments to her, I didnt find her article boring or full of self pity, etc….she just seemed to be telling it like it is. But maybe you have to walk (or run :} ) a mile in her shoes to really get her point. I think it showed alot of introspection and that is a good thing….in my opinion.

    I secretely was glad that you didnt do my interview that is on your 30 before 30 list. I was not ready to travel back to the beginning…..it will happen when we both are ready.

    WOW again….here I am taking up all of your blog with my TMI post….sorry, In the words of Minnie Pearl, comedian of The Grand Old Oprey, “I’m done talkin’ now!”

    But wait….I just watched The Tootsie Roll…..did I do that?????

    • meganirwin

      No need to feel sad. I’m human … which means I’m not always happy, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

      I HATE Elizabeth Wurtzel not because she’s depressed but because I think she’s a bad writer, and insufferable to boot…

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